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Do I still need Community Script Hook V .NET??

  • I installed a brand new, fresh install of GTAV and installed the following.

    • OpenIV & installed the mod folder & so forth.
    • Installed Menyoo...except not the scripthook & dinput8 file they had
    • Installed Alex's Script Hook & DinInput8 file...
    • Downloaded & installed mpsmuggler.asi
    • Created a scripts folder & downloaded & installed NativeUI..

    Ran the game, had zero problems, no crashes & spawned new planes and vehicles which did not disappear...

    I totally forgot all about Community Script Hook V .NET and did install it. The game ran well without it, granted the only things I had installed where the mpsmuggler file & menyoo...

    Do I still need to get Community Script Hook V for anything??? Just wanted to know.


  • @vendetta1969 you only need it for .NET scripts; that is, scripts that belong in the "scripts" folder. The only one you've mentioned is NativeUI.

  • @stillhere Ok thanks, yeah I have some mods that I haven't installed that mention it but wasn't sure since some of these mods haven't been updated in a very long time.


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