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How do I remove Redux mod?

  • I tried installing the Redux but my game won’t load anymore. It just stays on loading screen so I’ve decided I wanna just remove it for now. I can’t seem to find any topics that explain how to remove them. All I can do is remove the reshades but other than that my game still loads forever.

  • Please someone help.



    I am sorry to say but if you did not use a mod folder I believe that you have to do a reinstallation, if you own a steam version verify files might work to remove and over-write any changes made. If you utilized a mod folder then just delete your mod folder and make a new one and start over with new mods. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

  • ^ correctemundo

  • What Darthpungz said is correct, if you want to move onto other graphics mods like Natural Vision Remastered, it has a Redux uninstaller.

  • Thanks a lot. I got it figured out.

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