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L.A Roads Crash, i need help!

  • I just got natural vision remasterd today and it looks amazing and i also installed L.A Roads mod but there is a area and if i drive there theres no road its all invisble but the people will keep walking there and cars still driving there and when i drive there my game crashes. I had this problem before but then the game didnt crash and i was like falling trough the ground and the peoples and cars too thats why i reinstalled the game and now today i installed the game again and i got almost the same problem but then with a crash.

    Does anyone know a fix for me? (There is no weird color textures or anything its just the roads in that area.)

  • LA Roads is too heavy for the game too handle

  • Banned

    @ItsGunner_ LA Roads runs fine on ANY PC with decent specs. What is sounds like to me has happened, is that one or more of your .rpfs are corrupt. Please describe the location in-game where this is happening. I had a similar issue on sunset BLVD and Beverly Hills - it turned out that sunset.rpf, ss1_03.rpf, bh1_04, 42b, and 43.rpfs were indeed corrupted. I simply extracted the vanilla rpfs to desktop and then dragged into their respective locations in the mods folder using openIV.

  • ^ Hmmm...
    Now you've awoken my curiousity.
    Gonna fetch the add-on version and test for myself!

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