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How do you add multiple fire trucks into the FiveM Server?

  • Greetings all,

    I am trying to install several models of fire trucks into FiveM so we can have a variety to use for RP. What models do I replace or mods do I need to make? -Thanks for the help

  • @TexasLeo Can you be more descriptive? If you mean just general replacing vehicles that's easy and harmless, but if you mean Add-Ons... I can't help you there, then. Someone else may know about FiveM Add-Ons.

  • @krashadam for example we are wanting to add different models of fire trucks into FiveM. The server is kinda picky on what models can go into certain "slots" in the vehicle choices. We have seen full fire departments on like the DOJ FiveM servers with ladder trucks, engines, utility trucks etc... We are trying to see if anyone knows how to do that.

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