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Game always crashes on loading screen, gameconfig.xml related?

  • So after updating the game, I updated Script Hook and my two trainers, Simple Trainer and Menyoo, edited dlclist.xml with all the DLC folders I have, edited two other files that need editing everytime I update and when it came to gameconfig.xml , shit went sideways. I've been using Willief23's gameconfig. He said we had to change 5-6 lines in each gameconfig file to match their values in this update's gamconfig. I did that but it didn't work. I read somewhere else that the DLC limit is hardcoded 48. 48 is the current number of R* DLC folders. I had added 9 more and I could play normally until this update came out. Now everytime I start the game, it crashes on the loading screen.

  • @panayator seems to me to first isolate the problem, so get rid of the add-ons in dlclist.xml and see if it runs?


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