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What should I do next?

  • I'd like to get an idea of what people would like to see next (I'm still doing the Savanna First) I had a bunch of ideas in mind and I want to know what to do after the Savanna and Polara

    Pictures of primary design base in respective order
    0_1504711307375_images (1).jpg
    0_1504711361365_download (2).jpg
    0_1504711470646_Tampa-GTASA-front (1).jpg
    I'm not giving you a preview of the Mystery Kustom Chopper ;)

  • P.s. The 1960's Semi will be based on 1960 Mack Track B series and the Boring Sub(compact) Will be a remaster of the GTA SA Tampa


    There's no button for Now. ALL.

  • @ReNNie Lol I'll get to them when I do ;)

  • Ugh, a five-way tie

  • @John-Lemon Only 5 votes :p


    @John-Lemon @GreenAid Nope, as I stated in discord I wanted to choose the tractor but my filthy paws caressed the keyb wrong.... So, it's actually two votes for the 1960's Semi Tractor Trailer - 1962 DUDE Series 6. No tie. Clear winner.

  • @ReNNie Haha good then! I voted that too :D There's no classic trucks so far and 1 to start would be nice

  • @Ha! I forgot about that one!

  • So far it looks like that the 1962 DUDE series 6 will be made first, followed by the 1949 Willard Hermes, Then by the 1970 Bravado Wrath, Next 1950 Western Motorcycle Head Chief, followed by the Mystery Chopper and 1969 Mayflower. The SA Tampa (Boring Sub), 1969 Mayflower Grand North Star, SA Glendale and SA Oceanic will come much later

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