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[MAP] Grand Theft Auto Syria

  • We are playing GTA 5 since 2013, i had in mind to give something new to the game because we are moving on this map long time so our eyes need to see some new stuff.
    This map i created long ago called: War Zone Evacuation based on Aleppo situation. But i got many request to transform this map into something really war city but with population and occupied by Army.

    The features are already on the MAP on first image

    • LAG has been reduced for 80%, Low end pc now can use this map without problem.

    • Added more buildings, improvement.

    • Added a Border with Army at the end.

    • Added population moving around the city, random activites etc..

    • Added Army patrolling and wandering around the city (go fight before they come)

    • RPG is waiting you before the BORDER.

    • Added teleport on first building so you can use the roof for Snipe.

    Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grand-theft-auto-syria

    If some Objects from Map Editor missing please download this file:

    And place it on your GTA 5 root folder, now you should see all missing objects from Map Editor.

    If you have any request feel free to reply below and ask.
    Thank you,

    I'll post a map and below you have to watch the videos for more details.

    alt text

    Video1: Introducing with the Map

    Video2: Moving into the Aleppo city to the Border. (Playing)

    A Good Map to use Gang Mod, you can create match's like Counter Strike etc..

  • @NaughtyBoy I can't lie that this is a really good start. Are you planning adding more to it?

  • @westcoastsosa yes ofcourse after i get many request i'll make also the half part of Desert Airfield in the future

  • Download link added, if someone can create a Machinima that would be a perfect.

  • The mod looks good but the title is just...why...?

  • @MrGlavez The title is about to represent the Aleppo city of Syria where is based on, we know the fact that Aleppo has been damaged alot from the civil war and i feel sad about that, so before the mod was War Zone Evacuation, where the Turkey sends the buses to evacuate civilians, now this is just a Re-make.

  • @NaughtyBoy Ah okay. Maybe you could alter the game just in case anyone gets offended, besides that you have a great mod going on, very underrated 👌🏾

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