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  • This site is hands down the best place for GTA V mods. Why don't we have Modpacks section similar to what minecraft has? It can take a ridiculous amount of time to compile mods together. Right now I'm creating my own modpack that changes every car in the game into what they would actually be IRL (Sabre to a SS Chevy Nova, Cops cars to crown victorias, ect). I wouldn't mind sharing my modpack or downloading other modpacks to try. A modpack section would suit this site well. Is there a reason why we don't already have one?


    Lack of consent from the individual authors to include their work in a combined release is one reason

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  • @Legended
    Mods aren't dev-supported: Rockstar merely tolerates mods existing, compared to Minecraft where mods can be considered part of the game. Rockstar can update their game at any moment, which makes compatibility very uncertain. Some replace mods might be overwritten by newer archives, needing newer installation instructions. There are limits on some in-game components that haven't been patched, so things like vehicle tuning might stop working for vehicles. As @ReNNie said, "officially" releasing a modpack would need the consent of many authors. Even if you just look at Vanillaworks Extended, there are many authors already. And then there's script mods, which might be incompatible, might need updates, or will simply stop working once updated. I personally would hesitate to give permission to include mods of mine that require to be updated after Rockstar updates the game, for example.

    It's a mess.

  • @ReNNie

    Best and most reasonable answer so far. Thanks for the insight.

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