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Downtown Vinewood Crashes My Game

  • When i load the game, I spawn in as Michael at his house. If i get into a car, modded or not and start driving towards the main city area where the subway is and life invader buildings my game instantly crashes. It does not do this in any part of the map and if I'm flying it does not crash. It only happens when I'm in a car or bike. I don't have any retextures for the city, and I don't even have graphics mod installed? Does anyone know what's going on.

    Again, to be perfectly clear, this does not happen any where else on the map. for example its fine in the hood, airport, sandy shores, military base, etc....

  • @wlupoli bump

  • @wlupoli anybody?

  • @wlupoli Do you have a modified popgroups.ymt with third party vehicles added? I once had this happen by a corrupted vehicle whenever it spawned in traffic.

  • @Cyron43 I do have a modded popgroups.ymt but it's from RDE and the only changes i made to it are adding add on aircraft and military vehicles.

  • @wlupoli The archive that holds these assets are corrupted. In OpenIV, go to x64l.rpf/levels/gta5/_cityw/beverly01 and start clicking each rpf until one of them says "OpenIV cannot read format, archive is corrupted. Then once discovered, copy the vanilla one into the beverly01 archive in your mods folder. Done.

  • @eshenk thanks

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