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How to replace car skin

  • Hello,

    I am having some problems adding skins to some vehicles of mine. I have a few custom cars i have downloaded and went onto LCPDFR and found a really nice police skin for my region and wanted to add it some of my current police vehicles.

    Upon from trying to change it in OpenIV, When i import the file on the car with the corresponding images that i want, i go to Import them and they show up in the ytd. file..but upon from going into the game, i see there is no skin change at all.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @patpat3131 you have to use a trainer and change the livery. also the skin must be named correctly or it will not show up as well.

  • @Willief23 oh really? i watched a video ad all buddy did was grab the images he wanted and replaced it with in the ytd file of the car...what trainer would i need or how would i do this, i didn't see him use a trainer. Where can i change the liveries and where are they in this "trainer"? Im not completely oblivious to modding, i can get the majority of the mods to work, i just never learned how to add custom livers/skins from other people and added onto my added/replaced cars, specifically speaking the emergency ones.

    Is there any type of guide or video that can help me?


  • @patpat3131

    Guide to installing new skins and then you use simple trainer or menyoo to change liveries. It's simple to do but honestly if you search on google and in these forums you will find all the help you need.

  • @krissboo Thanks man but i figured it out, although some skins that are placed don't match up, is this normal?
    I've chosen the correct model of file and car. In other words, i have a skin for an impala police car and applied that to the impala that i currently have in my game and it looks a bit off.

    Again, is this normal behaviour of the skin itself based on how the actual model of car is made by the moder?

    Thanks again guys!

  • @patpat3131 Aight cool :). And the skin placement might just be differences in the model. I assume most templates will match a particular car but I might be wrong

  • @krissboo That's what I'm thinking, thanks again guys! Perhaps is there away to move the ski aroudn with in openIV?

    Can one do that maybe? been trying but dont think you can.

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