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Game crashes on startup/Endless loading screen/Critical error

  • I have made a account for this issue I've been having for 3 days now...

    The problem im having is, either my game crashing on startup "critical error please reinstall the game" or having a endless loading screen. I have completely deleted my mods folder, and re-did everything.. I cant remember how many times i have done that. And one time yesterday, the game will launch and i will be able to get into the game. But if i add anything else like la roads for an example, it'll completely break my game. And i'll have to redo my mods folder to get it working again.
    And even if i directly copy the required rpfs from the game dir, it doesn't matter. It'll still crash or i'll have a endless loading screen.
    I have tried multiple gameconfigs, and i have also updated the major mods i use. Which ill provide photos at the bottom of the thread of the mods i am using. Right now, im basically out of ideas for whats causing my game to do this. As everyone else has a working game, but not me? Wtf... I have the updated scripthook. But i do have a **** ton of scripts so.. That could might possibly cause this to happen, but i really don't think a script would cause a critical error, or an endless loading screen because if i add a texture mod, that will crash my game. Not the scripts.... I have been modding gta5 for a long time, and i never had this issue. I have been researching all of these threads on here for countless days and nothing is helping. So i decided to create a account, and see if i can get some help as im about to give up and uninstall.. Its rather pissing me off what rockstar and take2 has been doing recently anyways.

    I deleted all of my mods folder contents, so i can't post a photo of it.
    Thanks for the help!

    Photos of my mods i installed, my gta5 dir, and my scripts dir.


    @Flukester69 have you tried this https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated fixed a few people problems that sounds similar to yours

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    Nope, i have tried all of the game configs recently.. Nothing works. As soon as i add in a addon(dlc) the game will not work. Even if i delete the mod i put in, and removed the line from dlclist the game still will not load afterwards. Worked perfectly fine last update with my configuration of mods.

  • I had a similar problem. I have been using the same addon DLC pack forever now. With the recent updates, my GTA 5 has been stuck on an infinite loading screen. I tried removing all mods except ScriptHook and a few basics - the game loaded fine. I put back in a portion of my DLC folder - got an infinite loading screen. I tried updating the gameconfig that I had been using, no chance, still didn't work. I just tried using the gameconfig suggested by @Biggdogg which was specifically updated for this past update. That gameconfig fixed it! Thanks Biggdogg! Hope you are able to fix your game too.

  • I have also been having this problem. When ever I try to do more than one add-on DLC pack it doesn't work. I've been trying to fix this problem ever since the smuggler update, and nothing is working so I decided to move on :/

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    Yeah its rather annoying. Ive been deleting all of my rpfs and reinstalling to see if that will fix it or not.. In the hopes of something being corrupted somehow....

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    Well i got it working again but mods please dont close this thread. I will be coming back to this thread if i have issues again, which i probably will.
    And since i got it working again, i now got this problem back. Models and textures disappearing and reappearing. that has been a huge issue for me.
    My cpu is the i5 7500 non k varient, and my gpu is the msi gtx 970 gaming 4g version. I have 16 gigs of ram, and i have overclocked my gpu via afterburner with a +190 to the core. Temps are always bellow 60 and 50c.

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    @Flukester And random game crashes when stuff gets too intense...... ffs

  • This is a video of what's happening now. The game will run perfectly fine for 5 mins at 40-50fps. Then when I start driving fast, and doing intense things the game will start to slow down, studer, and drop the fps will drop to under 30fps. And then the game will lock up and crash to desktop.
    I have 16gigs of ram. I5 7500, and the nvidia gtx 970 msi gaming 4gig. My setup is pefectly fine and should run gta5 the way I want it to. As my previous setup had the i5 2500k non overclocked, 8 gigs of ram and the gtx 960 and that ran fine.

    The video. Help is appreciated!



    @Global-Moderators <--- double account?

    Your PC can run an unmodded version of V fine you mean.
    As soon as you start modding V she becomes a bitch from hell.


    @Flukester @Flukester69

    What was your logic behind creating a second account? This is a violation of community guidelines. I'll be banning one of your accounts which account would you like to keep as a primary?

  • @DarthPungz Odd... One account was made 3 days ago and the other 3 months ago.



    Yeah I'm half-expecting him to say that he forgot he had an account or he forgot his password or something...

  • I didn't know i had another account... Flukester69 is my main... I'm just trying to find out what could be cashing the crash right now.

    It will use up to 10 gigs of ram, which will slow the game down to under 30fps and will become slightly unplayable and then it will crash.

    And before with the same exact mods, the game ran perfectly fine before the smugglers update.

  • If anyone would know what could be causing the game to crash would be nice..

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