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GTA heats laptop...

  • I couldn't find any other place to put this... Hi I have a pretty good laptop, 1060 card, core i7 with coolboost TM but gta is heating my laptop a LOT. Is there any solution?

  • @JumboDoesThings hmm you have a laptop obviously its going to heat up. It has less room to dissipate the heat. Most components are pretty much touching each other compared to a desktop pc. You must be new to computers...

  • How do i fix it

  • Well that's obvious. All graphics intensive games will make a laptop really hot. That's why I have a proper gaming tower and a laptop so when I'm not constantly overheating my laptop when I game. you should just turn down the graphics settings and get rid of scripts that lag the game. Also, try to kill background tasks especially hidden windows installers that can only be found in task manager.

  • @wlupoli also try turning the A.C. On in the room

  • Well I payed a lot for this laptop and your telling me i cant really 'use' it for this. But what do you mean 'proper' I bought this FOR gaming.


    @JumboDoesThings you can try a laptop cooling pad, is your laptop overheating?

  • My laptop is heating up a lot. But its a ok laptop so why??

  • @JumboDoesThings i7 + nvidia 1060 + no space for fresh air flow inside + stock cooling + high system resources demand by an open world game like GTA V = Laptops are not for this level of games, no matter if is alienware, good laptops supports high demand games but not to keep working in full capacity for a hour or more.

    Exists devices to inject cold air for laptops and cooler bases, also you can downgrade the graphics settings to not put too much charge in components. In anyway, the best solution is a good PC, hardware plenty designed for gaming and heavy tasks.

  • Well they probably let me return it anymore soooo... it was a lot of money. im kind of bummed to here all of this. I got a laptop because im more traveling.

  • @JumboDoesThings you don't have to return your laptop. It's not like your laptop wont run gta or other games at a decent fps. It's just that it run hot. Mine does too, which is also why i also built a desktop gaming pc so it wont overheat. I use my gaming pc at home and my laptop when i travel. Again, you cant escape the laptop getting really hot. All you can do is try and mitigate the potential issues of overheating by killing background tasks, removing intensive scriptmods, turning A.C. On, and turn graphics settings down.

  • Thanks guys for all the help! This got a lot of feed-back! :)

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