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[PAINT] Oman Royal Flight B747-400 (Jet) OR Air For One Livery

  • Hey

    I was wondering if anyone could please make an Oman Royal Flight livery for the jet please, or even better for the Air Force One (VC-25) made by SkylineGTRFreak for it to be more realistic.

    Here is how it looks like in real life:

    alt text

    If you want other pictures of this jet, you can search A4O-OMN in google images or just search Oman Royal Flight.

    Thanks if anyone is willing to make it which I assume probably no one will :P

  • Unfortunately, I believe this is not possible, due to the plane not beeing UV mapped and thus not supporting liveries as shown in the picture. If you manage to UV map it or get your hands on an unwrapped model, this will be possible.

  • @playduck What plane isn't UV mapped? The jet or the airforce one or what?

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