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i need help installing planes in my game!

  • hi, I really need some help! I am trying to get the a380 mod by SkylineGTRFreak to work in my game, but as soon as I launch GTA V it updates and then when I launch it, there is not plane, it is just the regular jumbo jet texture! any help is much appreciated!

  • Maybe its an addon not a model replacer, try to spawn it with native trainer via name ...

  • yeah I just got it working but with a different A380 mod, I don't know what was happening? it just didn't seem to work

  • yeah I got it working just with a different mod! i have no clue why it didn't work with the replacement, although my replace mods never work

  • @Tazzy123 You should use Mod folder. otherwise Update wipes it all off. please consider using Mods folder

  • okay i didn't realise that made such a difference, thanks so much

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