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[VEHICLE]BMW 5 Series G30

  • BMW 5 Series G30

    All i want is someone to bring this car to game.0_1504913607318_2017-yeni-kasa-bmw-5-serisi-g30-11-1024x683.jpg

  • @Yusuf3454 I want to bring this car to GTA V. If anyone else is interested to see this car in GTA V let me know.

  • @Yusuf3454 i have a 3d model from hum3d, i purchased it for 75$ even if half price is donated i can consider working on it

    edit: the model i have is not m5 (g30) . it is bmw b5 alpina (g30) 2018 i still don't know the difference :P they look exactly the same apart from bumpers.

  • What a beauty!!


  • Dyin' for it!!0_1505076048376_BMW-M5-G30-2017-Illustration-560x373-2357244bae8c6c6c.jpg

  • dont buy this model, dont convert the humster3d one. a good cgtrader model with interior will be converted and public released (not from me)

  • @Gta5KoRn Thank you so much. I am waiting for it for a really long time. I hope it will release soon.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Still waiting for this beauty...


  • @Yusuf3454 Well... first you would have to "donate" in order for something to start happening, otherwise, it will just go into the lost book of treasures if you know what I mean.

  • @car-mod-fan Give it 3 or so months and I guarantee at least 1 modder will have uploaded a version to this on the site for public use. There's going to be a model of it in the upcoming NFS game anyway so that means if someone converts that they won't need to buy a paid model. If anyone wants one done before that then yeah I guess donating your best bet.

  • @jspeed Maybe you're right.

  • @jspeed It has been 6 month since first post. I have known 3 modder have this car also one of them uploaded a video on youtube 11 days ago.Why anyone dont upload for public use for months?

  • @Yusuf3454 very few people ever release private mods to public usually takes a year

  • If anyone is interested in a BMW G30 mod, send me a PM, I will be available to work on it in the coming weeks.

  • @Yusuf3454 Sorry for the confusion my man. The model i have is not BMW 5 M Sport (G30).

    the model i have is

    BMW B5 Alpina 2018 Sport (G30)

    the G30 in the name confused me. & they look exactly the same apart from the bumper ofcourse.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @FoxtrotDelta I'm starting work on a BMW G30 mod soon but not ALPINA, that would be pretty cool.

  • @jspeed cool you make 5 m sports G30 . i will make b5 sports G30 both are kind of similar.

  • If anybody gives me the model, I would work free on that Alpina :P

  • @HRH thanks for the offer buddy but i have already started on bmw 5 m sport g30 2016 and bmw b5 performance g30 2018. Already today . :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta Can´t wait for both of them! Especially Alpina :p

    Guess, I will have to do G12 Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo some time then :P

  • Are there any updates for this beauty??

  • @Yusuf3454 updates soon. working on other mods that need finishing first.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I started work on converting a G30 mod for public release already but It's M Sports not Alpina

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