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[WIP] [Help] Modding baseball into pizza box weapon - crash on aiming & throwing

  • Hello, first off, I hope I am posting in an "okay" location, and any help would be extremely appreciated. I've already posted this on the General Modding section cause I don't know which one is more appropriate. If I should move this post please tell me where to - and forgive me for the mistake.

    I am not a modder, but when I think of something I try my best to make it happen. This brings us to my idea of being able to throw a pizza box at people to be able to create a film which involves throwing pizza boxes at people :p
    So like I said, I am no modder, so I basically am trying the simplest "tricks" to achieve this. So what I did was replace the baseball models (w_am_baseball.ydr & w_am_baseball_hi.ydr) with the 'prop_pizza_box_01.ydr' model, following the basic replacing instructions of the "BAK - Gadgets (Pack II)" with my few tweaks included.

    What happens is almost perfect... the pizza box shows up fine in the character's hand, and I can DROP the box fine (and the model stays on the ground like I hoped) but I run into a crash when either - aiming and throwing the wep while standing, or aiming and throwing the wep from a vehicle.
    This, unfortunately, isn't ideal because I would rather throw the box than drop it, and I can't figure out why it's not working. (Not that I necessarily expected it to work based on my lack of experience/knowledge, I am quite pleased that I'm even able to get him to drop it without a crash)

    I tried replacing the texture dictionary too (w_am_baseball.ytd) with a custom made one with altered textures to coincide with the pizza box, but I still get a crash, so I've been leaving the original one through my "debugging". My best guess is that maybe the box is too big or something - but really I'm clueless of how to fix otherwise.

    If ANYONE has ANY advice/tips/info to help me, I'd be soooo appreciative. Or if there's a way to take a log on the crash and you could tell me how even that would help me. If I should provide any other info I'd be more than happy to.

    I thank anyone paying attention in advance, and please don't be afraid to comment with any info at all, I'm sure it'd be of some help.

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