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[SCRIPT] Follow random npc's around

  • Is there a script that follows random npc's around as they go about their lives? sort of like the wandering deer stream a while ago?

  • @Alaannnn What do you mean by "follow" random NPCs? Like just a camera attached to a random NPC? Would the script have to control the NPC and make it go to random places (get a gun at ammunation, get a car, go to gas station, etc)? Also what is the "wandering deer stream" you're talking about?

  • @Jitnaught Yeah, basically a camera that just follows around an npc, maybe even a cinematic camera like when you're driving. The npc would just go about doing random stuff, driving, walking, interacting with stuff, etc.

    there was a twitch streamer who did that with a deer, here is a link to it http://sanandreasanimalcams.com/

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