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[Graphics] How can you mix multiple mods ?

  • The author of this video claims to have used REDUX as a base, then he added different elements of other graphics mods... (MVGA, NaturalVision, Pinnacle...)

    (the result is impressive !)

    Do you know how to install only "the texture part" of Redux ?
    What elements did he borrow from other mods in your opinion ?

    (it's complicated to have a discussion with someone on youtube ... that's why I ask here)

  • @CrysisCoco Near but that is not photorealistic, the black color not exists in CGI and people abuses of it and oversaturate with contrast the render.

    To mix different graphics mods, first you need to understand how works a game engine (this knowledge is required if you really want a pro result). The short way is just learn wich thing affects wich thing in the render engine. All visual mods are based in the vanilla graphics settings, and you can start with the Timecycle files, they controls almost all the graphics in the game. Actually exists some Timecyc editors working in-game mode, just search in Tools section in Gta 5 Mods site.

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