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Need Help Editing Parachute Texture

  • ALRIGHT, so I recently found out how to edit embedded textures thanks to Neodymium's https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/texture-toolkit. However, whenever I implement a new texture onto the parachute, I end up with this cluster-lookin affect: 0_1505038730081_Screenshot (7).png Other mod creators that edit the parachute textures also suffer from this, so can anyone give some advice as to how to combat this?

  • nothing i guess, seems that parachute is just repeating the texture in each row, is that the car paraachute ? have you tried to find the player parachute, the ones with flags ? will problably be usefull

  • @BladeRJ I'm editing the regular player parachute in patchday2bng. I don't know where the dlc parachutes are :/ But thanks the advice

  • @NaijaMango just search for the same name in other folders,it will problably be a similar name. the flags came later.

  • @BladeRJ The thing about GTA V for all systems past the PS3 & Xbox 360 is, all of the dlc content (Hipster, Business, LTS, etc.) added in before the next (now current) gen release was coded in as standard onto the current-gen release. So the dlc content, including the newest parachute canopies would be in patchday 2ng or the update.rpf/dlcpatch folder. Which is a place I'm about to check.

  • @NaijaMango are you sure ? cos weapons get "promoted" to the most recent patch folder. maybe its the same

  • @BladeRJ I'll check again, seeing as I had no luck in the dlcpatch folders

  • @BladeRJ Alright, looking through the x64a folder, I found something named "parachute decals" under textures. But go fucking figure, the file is apparently corrupted :(

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