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Customization limits after 1.41?

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    I've noticed that after 1.41 I'm unable to have more than 99 customized vehicles spawned at a given time If I try to customize vehicle no.100 in LSC or using a trainer, the game simply removes the parts as soon as I apply them, in similar fashion to how it removes DLC vehicles.

    I'm pretty sure that prior to 1.41 I had over 130 customized vehicles saved, however it is possible that they might've had less customization than the ones I have saved now., which brings me to my question: does the limit affect the number of vehicles or the number of components applied to them? And can it be disabled?

    EDIT: I should probably mention I'm talking strictly vanilla vehicles. I don't have any add-on vehicles.


    @HOTLER Say "thank you R*" and downgrade your game. :smiling_imp:

    But in all seriousness, to answer your question my guess is the game reacts to both, so yft model information from cars and tuning parts alike.

    So you could try and increase relevant gameconfig.xml settings (TxdStore etc) some more to see if the game reacts to it?

    And/or delete obsolete yft models from cars and tuning parts in previous patchdayxx.rpf files that are doubled in later patchdays to create headroom?

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