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[Vehicle] Mercenary Leader Starship from Game Star Wars Starfighter

  • I know it sounds crazy but i would love it to be in gta v [Spoiler Alert] It is the final boss's Starfighter in the game called Star wars starfighter which is unobtainable in the game can someone please make one it has missiles that aim in all directions and 4 cannons it also has red trails coming from the two engines and is highly agile the missiles are unique since they have a red glow with a thin red trail behind them and they explode in front of you're aircraft but you don't have to do that if you don't want to.

  • Sadly, the only motivation for modders on here is money... so it wouldn't matter weather they wanted to make it or not unless you're willing to contribute to the full hours of them building it, but this is a great idea though.

  • @car-mod-fan I know money is the main motivation but that is if you want them to make it now they will make requested mods when they have spare time and not doing other projects and thank you for you're opinion

  • @Legendshadowace36 Don´t create yourself illusions. There is no such thing as a free time, these things take every last drop of it...

    90% of "more prominent" modders all have normal life, which includes daily jobs, sometimes even kids already...

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