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[Misc][Released]San Andreas Role play

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    UCP: https://san-rp.com/UCP/
    Forum: https://san-rp.com/forum/
    GT-MP: https://gt-mp.net/

    After a many hard hours of working on the script, San Andreas Role Play[San-RP] has finally been released!

    San-RP was created due to the simple fact that we were not happy in what were seeing coming out of other servers. We want to create a realistic and stress free environment for players to come and enjoy giving them a meaningful role play experience.

    What Makes Us Different
    We are planning on taking the simple features you found on SA:MP and developing them a step further! So instead of being a garbage man you will actually belong to a company with set routes...Instead of having your illegal guns spawn at a checkpoint you will become a real smuggler...We don't want the sky to be the limit for the player we want their creativity to be a the limit to what you can actually do in game!

    What do some of the features look like?

    So we looked extensively at the starting legal jobs as majority of new players spend a lot of time working these jobs to earn their money when they first join the server. We don't want to to drive from checkpoint to checkpoint doing meaningless work. Here are some of the jobs listed below below:

    Garbage man job
    You will belong to an actually player maintained company.
    There will be different garbage routes.
    Players will be able to run the waste disposal firms and hire their own drivers to do the garbage routes.

    Firearms Trade
    Different smuggling locations routes.
    You will be able to set up different safe houses for where the smuggled drugs will be stored.
    Gun assembling will have to be done before they will be able to be sold or you will have the option to buy pre-assembled weapons

    Trucking system
    Routes ranging from city routes,local routes & state wide routes depending on your qualified hours.
    You will now carry actual manifesto so truck robberies and running contraband will be a possibility!
    Truck drivers will be able to send distress calls.[/list]

    Entrepreneur system
    As from our past experiences we have seen many server limit it's players to just belonging to a cops or robbers themed roleplay. So we have been working on the "entrepreneur system" where you will have an option to open your own business and register it with a system and begin hiring employees and assign the business to a building (nightclub,office or some other scripted business you own)

    Players can own houses spanned across the city of Los Santos. Each house is enterable and can also be broken into ;)
    When you log back onto the server you'll spawn at your house, where you can stash drugs, gun, cars, and money.

    Character Customization:
    When you're first brought into the server you'll create your character. You'll choose his facial features, parents, skin tone and more. After you're done creating him, you can outfit him with clothes at clothing stores, and change his hair at barber shops.

    These are just some of the features that you'll be able to play with at San Andreas Role play. To view a more detailed list please check out our feature documentation here: https://san-rp.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27

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