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Car Headlight not working for few vehicals

  • Recently I making a addon car pack for all car mods I have, its about 40-55 cars. just to simplify the mod files by putting several cars into an addon pack . I tested it one by one, I found no problems with the tuningparts, but when I go testing the lights, several cars won't show the light, I don't know what happen, even when I drive the "CARS THAT WON'T SHOWS THE LIGHTS" with the lights on. So please help me guys how can I fix this. Or is there anyway to use same lighting configuration for all cars in my car dlc pack.

  • I'm running into this exact same issue.
    Sadly I don't have an answer yet, but I'm exploring. Would LOVE to find a solution!!

    Do you have any mods that effect the master carcols files? Like any mods that are used to enhance or make emergency lights brighter? I'm wondering if that maybe a culprit.

    I just have car addons, weapon texture and sounds, rippler's realism, NVR + ENV, VisualV, and the brighter emergency lights addon from the NVR mod.

  • @CrzBonKerz @Sabbir-Ahamed-Maruf by no lights, you mean no lights on the road during the night ? open carvariations.meta of the add-on car, look for that line : <lightSettings value="0" /> and put the value at 0 for every vehicle that has that issue

  • @Sabbir-Ahamed-Maruf if u have coronas be gone mod imstalled may he some cars use coronas only and they are well.... Gone :P

  • I just wanted to say thank you for this worked great for me and now all my addons have headlights Thanks again

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