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Is there any way to disable suddenly dying on touching water when playing as animals?

  • As you may know, if you're playing as almost any land or air animal and and you touch deep water, you automatically die. This happens even if you're invincible (be it from in-game means or from mods), and even if the "dies on entering ragdoll" flag for that particular ped is disabled (see below)

    I'm wondering if there's somehow any way to disable this from happening. Maybe a config file I can edit, or if there are any mods that have this effect.

    It is possible to disable certain animals from automatically dying when you go into ragdoll mode, by going into common.rpf/data/pedbounds.xml and changing "DiesOnEnteringRagdoll" from "true" to "false", but this does not seem to have any effect on automatically dying when you touch water, nor do there seem to be any settings in that file that govern this.

    Keep in mind I don't have any experience actually creating mods; editing that XML file is the most complex thing I've done in terms of modding the game.

  • So does anyone have an answer to this?

    It's probably not impossible or something that's somehow hardcoded into the engine: the other day I was messing around with Menyoo (in Director Mode), and I turned into a deer and went into the ocean, and I survived perfectly fine. I have no idea why or how it happened, and I haven't been able to reproduce it.

    Honestly, I'm looking for any sort of reply; even "no, there's no currently known way to do that" would be perfectly acceptable to me.

  • pretty sure its hardcoded, happens to birds when you "land" as well.

  • @BladeRJ As I said in my second post, I have had an experience (actually, thinking about it, this has happened a couple times) where I went into deep water as a deer and didn't die.

    I have no idea why that happened when it did, but it tells me that it can probably be overcome somehow.

  • @SuperSupermario24 maybe it was a glitch like how you can get out of director mode with your online character into single player, cos from what i saw animals are hardcoded to die in certain conditions, like you cant spawn fish on pools, they die right away.if a deer just hit the knee in water instant death

  • @BladeRJ That seems likely to be the case.

    Well, that's a shame.

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