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[WIP][VEHICLE] Better Trucks and Trailers!

  • I am working on a project called "Better Trucks and Trailers." It basically consists of multiple vanilla and modded trucks from other users with only vanilla trailers modified. When you see the pictures you will see I have different versions of the Phantom V2[ @tolgagures ], Chantom semi[ @tolgagures & @AlpiBaba ] , Juggernaut[ @TheF3nt0n ], Roadkiller[ @TheF3nt0n ], and Phantom Custom. I didn't unlock these models, I just used Menyoo"s Spooner Mode to put props on them to make them look better, a sense of customization. The bullbar on the Phantom V2 is made of multiple long and short 'house pipes' and they steam so that's why it looks like the Phantom is smoking. I also put Straight Pipes on the original Hauler, but I don't have any SS's of that.

    Next was a trailer, in this case I used the vanilla flatbed and put construction fence on the side and container doors on the back to make it look like a recycling tipper transfer truck trailer... or a low quality Nascar trailer if you think that too. Once again, I only used Menyoo and props to make it. This means if I do release these as a pack, then I won't have to release the models, just the Menyoo Spooner and Saved Vehicles files.

    Give suggestions on what I should do next. It would help expand on the blandness of vanilla trucks.:thumbsup: :grinning: :grin:

  • I love this idea, even if its using Menyoo, it is still more than what some people have given us. I will definitely be following this my friends. my only recommendation so far would be to lower the smokestack pipes you used for the phantom a little lower through the gas tanks so it is a more reasonable height.

  • Nice

  • I'm starting to do some modified trucks in Zmodeler cause I just recently found out how to, here's some screenshots of an upcoming project. It only has 1 LOD so it'll be a while before it is released. But here you go...
    1_1505784242339_HaulerLong.PNG 0_1505784242337_HaulerLong2.PNG

  • For anyone following this thread, here's some more pics of that hauler. I'm working on multiple trucks so some things will have priority over others...






    :heart: :heart: :heart:
    We need more Kenworth like lore-friendly trucks (at least that was my first association)

    What I would love, is if you succeed in a UV map and template aswell
    In which case I'd be more than happy to spend time on something like

    alt text

    Here's two examples of what I did on 1955 Kenworth CEO Bullnose by solo back in GTA IV

  • Nice :D

  • @ReNNie I will start doing the K100-like hauler sometime soon, it looks pretty easy from what I see. I can't convert your wonderful looking Bullnose CEO cause I don't know how to convert vehicles from different games cause I truly started getting into Zmodeler3 about a week ago. Also I'm not really familiar with phrase "lore-friendly" but I imagine it has to do with liveries and paint jobs, I'll need to look into it. Also thanks for the feedback :D

  • @tolgagures Thank you :thumbsup:


    @ON3FLY3R said in [WIP][VEHICLE] Better Trucks and Trailers!:


    no worries, had the same just a couple a months ago

    The lore is, simply put, the background story of a game, the imaginary culture of the game world, etc. Lore friendly means that a mod doesn't mess with that

    So, no rebadging an edited truck to Kenworth, not sticking IRL brand decals on it, but rather keep it close to the original (vanilla) game. So Packer stays Packer, Hauler styas Hauler etc. And for brands Redwood... etc

  • @ReNNie ahh, thank you for that, it's a good thing I wasn't going to change badges to real life ones. It'll be named Hauler "xxx" (like my Phantom "Flat Top") when it's released so it won't be too different in the naming scheme

  • @ON3FLY3R how to the progress?Can you show new screenshots.

  • @tolgagures it's late where I am but here's a current project going well



  • Alright, somehow when I was testing the vehicles.meta and a version of that /\ dump trailer... my GTA crashed when it was on the loading screen. I reset the vehicles.meta and the original trailers.ytd/.yft and my GTA still crashes, so I am thinking of uninstalling GTA 5 and then reinstalling it, which will take about 2 days due to my Internet. I will try to make as much process as I can but I do have school and will be away from my computer this weekend. If anyone has a reason why my GTA crashed then I won't uninstall it yet.

    Also Zmodeler did this when exporting...


  • I really hope you can get this working, we need more trailer types for in game, me I would be replacing the car trailer cause then you could use the transport script to theatrically raise and lower the dump. Just love this, and my favorite of your mods so far is the Hauler Classic XL Custom. So much like my granddads custom Kenworth K100.

  • @DeadKerr I know right, I don't know what I did but Zmod didn't like what it. Trailers are one of the most difficult things I've worked with so far.

  • how about a sleeper and wind deflector for the roadkiller like the duck truck
    alt text

  • Good work! Big horns can be a nice addition also.

  • @ON3FLY3R This looks amazing, and would perfectly go with my WIP mod(FaRim), where I have included few of the trucking missions. Something like ETS-2 & ATS. :D


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