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About to mod for the first time

  • Im quite confused on why certain mods require alot of steps such as the prison mod while other require a quick drag n drop to main gtav folder to work?

    also what would i have to do to be able to play online again?
    i have a mods folder and a scripts folder with the prison mod inside of it. should i remove them from the gta folder completely?
    i also have the menyoo trainer which im guessing i should take out also right?

  • @SKDM007 some mods take more steps because they aren’t scripts rather cars and other things to replace ingame, if you want to play online you should delete ur scripthook files and trainers and ur mods folder

  • @messi3194 This isn't true. The asi loader will prevent ANY scripts from being initialized when going online, while the mods folder will be ignored when joining an online session. This was done by design, to mitigate any risk of being banned.

  • @eshenk b4 when i used to play online i used this https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta-v-modding-launcher i dont play online anymore so idk if its still reliable

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