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Rage Help. CTD

  • Hey all,

    Been having trouble with rage. Ive tried LCPDFR for support, Ive tried the rage website plus searched everywhere for support but cannot find the issue.

    The Issue- Rage crashing the game on the load screen. If somehow the game did load, rage would not be loaded.

    Things Ive Tried- Everything. Ive reinstalled everything. Ive installed all the microsoft stuff. Ive verified the game via steam. Ive updated scripthook. Ive updated Scripthookdotnet. I have the latest version of GTA (1.1.1180.2). Open IV is up to date. Also tried the GameConfig. That didnt work.

    Here is the Pastebin https://pastebin.com/VBE5sjGT



    Their Discord might be more helpful.

  • Yeah I've tried. No success. -head bang to desk-

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