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a few questions ( ENABLE MP Maps / Win10+Controller PS4touchpad features...)

  • Hello to all :)
    help deal with a few annoying problems.
    thanks in advance for your help:)

    gta5 1.0.1180.2 1.41
    ScriptHookV ultimate version
    Simple Trainer ultimate version
    Menyoo PC ultimate version

    1. in gta5 i want to load the interiors, etc. using Simple Trainer or Menyoo PC . Simple Trainer menu ENABLE MP Maps https://yadi.sk/i/edQialJj3MozW7 works without errors only if i remove the mod folder. if load with the mod folder some memory errors (the game does not fall) fall away only trainers. https://yadi.sk/i/iy1aIo7B3MozXG
      any idea how to make works?
    1. Controller PlayStation DUALSHOCK™4 with touchpad on Win10 +DS4Windows, not working with full touchpad features(normal works only as a mouse function). in Windows7 + DS4Windows everything touchpad features worked good. how to make touchpad works on Win10?

    2. Car sound
      many cars have the sound too quiet. people on the game street speak louder than sports cars:(
      there is a solution in meta files? where it can be fixed for the right car? or mods
      allowing to control different sound scenes...?

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