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    • Begins in random location

    • During the day has a few zombies , bad vision, optimal hearing,

    • During the day , search for items for survival ( food, water , weapons , gas , vehicles, medical kits )

    • During the day , creating or finding a safe bases

    • Available local day - gun shops , stores items

    • Overnight has more zombies , more difficult to polls

    • No lights in the city the night

    • Find place to sleep and spend the period

    • Other details.

    • Infection - a meter

    • Gas of automobiles

    • Extremely difficult to find vehicles ( can be with or without gas)

    • If you die back as another player / ped (no choice) to another location on map

    • Vulnerability of Z only in the head

    • Carcrash

    • Other survivors ( when one is attacked die / turns x ​​minutes)

    • Survivors may be friendly or hostile


  • This post is deleted!

  • @Frazzlee :clap_tone3: thanks man!

  • @vitinskb We are currently working on it :D check out the topic in Work In Progress :


    Oh, and we will be glad to hear your suggestions! ;)

  • thanks @HenryTux and @Frazzlee !!

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