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Addon-peds and other problems

  • Hi all, I would like to install some peds (addon) for a series that I carry on youtube, I would also put moddati vehicles. I tried changing peds with addonpeds, but as soon as I select the peds added by me the mod menu disappears and will not reopen. Does anyone know tell me why? I installed everything, native ui in scripts folder and everything you need. Can you tell me also how to put car moddate and how it will not conflict with the mod menu? Because when I use the mod menu (which I also use) if I have other MODs installed, does not start the game. Thanks in advance and sorry for the English (using Google translate)

  • @WirierCrown You need to speak your native language, no one will be able to understand that. Google translate cannot be used to accurately communicate complex messages.

  • I am italian :/ I have problem whit addon peds, i add a peds but ,when click the ped add by me , the menu disappears. How do ?

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