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Corrupt game data

  • I launched my game and then it said Corrupt game data please reinstall, reboot or verify game. Im using steam version.
    I verifed the game but it didn't help.

  • This isn't enough, are you using any mods? If so what are they?
    Are you using the mods folder?

  • @V4D3R Yes, I'm using mods folder. I have many add-on cars installed and some trainers like menyoo and simpletrainer and some scripts.

  • @AntonzzH Steam won't verify the mods folder, so it must be something inside the mods folder which causes the crashes. Take out the modified rpfs from the mods folder, and put them back one by one, while testing the game each time to know what rpf is corrupted. Or simply remove the mods folder and reinstall the mods.

  • And of course, many add-on vehicles will crash the game, but they won't give the "corrupted data" error. Keep your dlclist.xml lines under 48.

  • @V4D3R Hello, i've read that 48 lines max dlclist.xml thing many times here. Are you meaning that there shouldn't be more than 48 dlcs in total (including the vanilla ones) ? I have like 120, (and had way more) dlcpacks above that limit, is it random luck that it isn't crashing or i didn't understand something ?


  • VisualV causes it too me...

  • Problem solved but, you said 48lines??? i have like 117 and game works fine


    I also saw others report much higher numbers of dlcpacks on the latest version

  • @AntonzzH how you solve your problem ? please help me

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