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Captain Cold/Freeze powers mod??

  • It could be a script mod, that pretty much gives Captain Cold powers and attacks. Or a weapon mod that allows you to equip a gun that fires out ice? Idk. It could just be like a flamethrower, but with ice, and freezing instead of fire.
    It'd be nice to have this sort of weapon, so that we could have captain cold in the game, with his gun, along with heatwave if we also use the flamethrower mod.

    If it's a script mod, please at least try to add the following abilities and features:

    Firing out a super-long range COLD BEAM that is essentially a precise freezing lazer that can be used to sorta snipe people. (Not quite as far as a sniper though.)

    A FREEZE SHOT, which is a small, quick shot of coldness that can be performed with the press of a key. (It can have splash damage or something maybe) You can rapidfire it by mashing the key, and maybe it could even be charged up by holding the key. Allowing you to do a...

    FREEZE BLAST, which is a large, freezing blizzard intended for use at closer ranges. Sorta like a flamethrower.

    Creating a FROST FIELD that enemies can't see. It'll slow down, or freeze anything that comes into it. And maybe even stop bullets in mid-air like in the comics? It doesn't have to ACTUALLY stop bullets in the game, maybe just make em' dissapear or whatever.

    As for the features of the freezing, and ice itself...

    On peds/animals: It freezes them in their tracks, and from the very instant that it hits, it immediately eats away at their health for several seconds
    If all of their health is depleted completely in that time frame, they die. If not, they just unfreese. This normally kills regular peds, but won't work as well on enemies with lots more health than usual. You'll have to freeze them multiple times depending on their strength.
    (But they take more damage while frozen.)

    If you shoot any ice at the ground, it'll make a sheet of ice along the ground, that makes people and vehicles slip and swerve.

    Maybe have the power to freeze small areas in bodies of water? I dunno.

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