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Gta 5 Crash Once again

  • I already finished the Gta 5 multiple times and yet. I want to repeat it again at the very first. Whenever I play new game. The first Girl loading screen shows up and then It crashes. Someone help please!

  • Really helpful. NOT.
    Please answer these :

    1. What's your game version?
    2. Are you using any mods?
      2.1. If so what are they?
      2.2. Are you using the mods folder?
    3. Does it show any error message after the crash?

  • @V4D3R

    1. 1.0.877.1 (1.39) Crack Version
    2. Yes
      2.1. natural Vision, Scripts, Vehicle replaced and add ons, Clothes
      2.2 Yes
    3. Non It just says. Gta 5 has crashed

  • The third line in Community Guidelines states

    • Discussions about malware or pirated content
      Is prohibited.

    You can ask The pirated GTA section in reddit or somewhere else.
    @Global-Moderators Please do your thing.

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