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Vehicle customization overhaul

  • Hey, so for the longest time this idea has been lingering in my brain, so I'm just going to write it out here.

    This mod would completely revamp car customization in-game, specifically performance modifications. Instead of having to go into handling.meta and adjusting the handling of every sultan, this mod would create a separate handling meta file for that specific vehicle that you own.

    On top of that there should be more control over certain things like camber, ride height etc (like vstancer) as well as the ability to add tuning parts (spoilers, body kits) as addons which you can manually place on the vehicle.

    And lastly, there should be a Dyno to test the tuning of you car.

    EDIT: also I forgot to add the ability to perform engine swap (adding a vehicles handling.meta/sound to another vehicle)

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