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Popgroups.ymt editing problem

  • What I'd like to do is add a few of my add-on cars into the popgroups.ymt file, so they spawn in traffic. Problem is, I can not edit (or even open) the default file, it results in some very weird text, tried Notepad++, Sublime Text and even the normal notepad just to be sure. I can edit the popgroups.ymt file provided with the Southern San Andreas Exotic Traffic mod though, but that mod causes crashes with all my replaced vehicles (most of the non-dlc vanilla vehicles are replaced), and also I don't prefer all the new DLC vehicles spawning everywhere together with my 'real' replaced cars. Even the vanilla version of that mod loads the game full of these new vehicles.

    So, any way I could open the default popgroups.ymt file so that I can spawn only the default vehicles that I replaced + my add-ons and no DLC vehicles? What I'd like to do here is play through the game with all the replaced vehicles I have now, since at last I managed to accomplish a combination of cars that don't crash (at least without that traffic mod), but I don't want to use the trainer at all while playing through so I'd really like my add-ons spawn naturally.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @ModHunter you do not want to edit the popupgroups too much or you will have massive amounts of missing textures, building textures flickering off and on and same with roads. You only want to add around 20-30 addon cars into traffic at the most. GTAV is crap for coding and not optimized for nothing.

  • @Willief23 Yeah I know I already have that, but I can't edit the file at all. That's my problem!

  • @ModHunter The popgroups.ymt is encrypted since the first DLC release. Go get my Versatile Traffic mod. It contains the non-encrypted XML version from the base game and has most DLC vehicles already included..

  • @Cyron43 Nice man, very helpful!

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