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Simson S51 - a small motorbike many Germans and Eastern Europeans love

  • Hey!

    I have one thing left I really would like to see in this game once - that is the Simson S51. It's a motorbike many of us in Eastern Europe and around Germany probably have fond memories of, an old bike many bikers started with around here.

    There is only one mod available right now of this vehicle but that is very low quality (to the point where I can barely recognize the bike).

    I have found a model: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/simson-3d-max/502884

    Unfortunately it does cost some money. I am in college so unfortunately I have no time to learn how to make mods (although I really want to), if someone would make this bike that would be awesome. It's a very unique little thing.

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