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Non-Steam GTA V not updating to 1180.2

  • All,

    For some odd reason, my build is showing 1180.1 and will not update no matter what i do. I have downloaded the GTA patch file and it doesn't change. This wasn't even a problem until earlier this week when all of the cars from the Executive pack and newer just suddenly stopped working and i hadn't installed any new mods. So I assumed it was my build that was the issue. I have tried disabling everything, moving my Vanilla version over and nothing will get it to update. Looking for advice on other things or files to try out before i remove it all and reinstall with the 2 million DVDs for 2 hours.

  • @cerebro22 And if you delete some files (first backup) so that is goes into verify mode?


    That's just R*. They probably forgot to update the version string, don't ever trust that one, everybody can edit it in update.rpf. If you view the properties of GTA5.exe it should say 1.0.1180.2 and if it does then you have the latest build.

  • @ReNNie I have done the CMD line -verify and -verify -nochunkdownload with the same outcome.

    @Unknown-Modder Yes, after I installed the GTA patch file package, the GTA5.exe does show the correct build when you mouse over it. So then, if that is true, and my build is up-to-date, any guess on how to get those packs to start working again?

    Thanks for the quick responses too BTW :-)

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