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Texture loading issues

  • Hello, I installed some car mods and now my game doesn't load the textures after a few minutes.

    Mods I use:

    • Redux
    • Enb
    • Visual V
    • LA Roads
    • ~45 Add-On Car Mods (but I had this problem after 20 Car Mods or something like that)

    It looks like this:
    alt text

    Everything is updated except the script mod I use to add the Add-On cars to the traffic.


    You can't let those add-on cars spawn in traffic, there's your proof in the screen. No other option.

  • @ReNNie But replacing cars takes longer, the game begins to crash, usually the add-on cars look better and you can't tune replaced cars.


    If you replace them you'll get the same issues. Game's just not up to having those cars in traffic. V is more leaky than a d0g in heat

  • @DaNi1337x Your cars are probably huge in size, and that's exactly why they are add-ons. You spawn them in traffic (especially when you try to spawn all of them), you're overloading the game. GTA 5's engine is weak when it comes to mods, it's not like Skyrim or Fallout which can take the size of the game in mods and actually works if you do it right... you have to be very choosy about what cars you spawn in traffic. I wouldn't spawn any add-on which has a total size of over 15-20mb. Look at the size of the default cars in the game, see how huge the difference is? No wonder it can't handle it, wasn't designed to do it. You'll get either this or a memory error. I would just spawn the one I like and save it in the garage so you have it for yourself without needing the trainer. Or use smaller sized cars. I actually managed to spawn 15 of my add-ons without a problem and also have about 50 cars replaced. Now I've come to the point where I install another car and the game crashes.

  • Okay I try to sort some car mods out and pick some Add-On cars and replace some cars.

  • I think I fixed the issue a little bit.^^ I deleted Redux and installed NaturalVision Remastered.

    The issue only occurred after i spawned many cars.
    alt text

  • @DaNi1337x Why do you spawn so many cars when you can only drive one? Really dude?!?

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