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How to install car mods?

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    I tried this tutorial on YouTube how to install a ccar mod and i picked a gmc truck and i couldnt find it in vehicle menyoo mod menu


    Why do you ask how to create mods if you don't even know how to install something. For the sake of everybody who's just trying to help put some damn effort in trying.

    Even though I don't think highly of "YouTube tutorials", even I believe it should've covered the basic steps. What exactly can't you do? Which steps couldn't you do? Which vehicle mod are you trying to install? Do you know how to drag and drop files?

    The basic steps aren't hard. Just follow the instructions in the readme file and do your basic thing with OpenIV:

    1. Extract the archive so you have the files
    2. Read the included readme file to check which files to replace or what things to change
    3. Use OpenIV in edit mode to apply the changes (use the 'mods' folder)

    Otherwise try to be clear in what doesn't work.

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