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openiv issue

  • hi i hope someone can help everytime i open my openiv installing mods it keeps on shutting down on me no matter how many time i run adminstrator it keeps on closing on me. i even uninstall and reinstall it,it has the same issue does anybody has this issue.

  • Have you tried reinstalling OpenIV? Download the latest version after uninstalling your current version.

  • thanx for responding back and yes i have remove and install the openiv and i have the latest version 2.9. and i am running windows 7 ultmate on my hp and just don't know why it keeps crashing on me. and also it has a small update but it won't let finish the updates. thanx.


    @hhuey29335050 did you check your firewall?

  • ok my firewall says its
    windows firewall state : on
    incoming connection : block all connections to programs that are not on the list of allowed program
    notification state : notify me when windows firewall blocks a new programs

    thats what my firewall says thanx

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