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Add-on mod creation

  • I have been having trouble making an add on varient of a replacement mod. I followed a guide online and checked my work but am not finding my mistake. Whenever I try to spawn the car it just says invalid model

  • This section is for posting tutorials, not asking for them.


    @Global-Moderators move pls?

    @godbmxes if you link me your dlc via mediafire or something I'll have a look for you...

  • @V4D3R I apologize did not mean to place this in the wrong section
    @ReNNie https://www.mediafire.com/folder/oc4jez6931tb2/Template+folder I have gotten no luck with it so far, Also here are the files that are the replace version that I am trying to make add on of https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/volkswagen-golf-mk3-gti


    @godbmxes Oh I have that one in my volkswagen dlcpack :)
    We'll get there.

    First, could you please re-upload the seperate files inside a winrar archive?
    I'm not upgrading to a bulk mediafire account ;) neither am I going to download 10 seperate files right now


    @godbmxes Here goes:

    1. you don't need extratitleupdatedata.meta nor dlctext.meta, remove them from the dlc and content.xml;
    2. if you don't want to buy this car ingame via the dealership or online site but just spawn it, you don't need caraddoncontentunlocks.meta;
    3. your folder structure can be simplified to <filename>dlc_MK3GT:/data/vehicles.meta</filename> and <filename>dlc_MK3GT:/%PLATFORM%/MK3GTvehicles.rpf</filename>;
    4. you use the dlc name 'MK3GT' inside the dlc structure yet in dlclist.xml you have <Item>dlcpacks:\MK3GTI\</Item> so the dlc.rpf has to be in a folder MK3GTI. Tip: you make less mistakes if you keep the dlc name and folder name the same...
    5. your content.xml is showing an error on line 45 <Item>dlc_MK3GT:/%PLATFORM%/levels/gta5/vehicles/[FOLDER NAME]vehicles.rpf</Item> ... where folder name should read MK3GT

    Now, download an Add-On from authors like ahmeda1999, Zievs or Lord Neophyte and examine their folder structure inside the dlc.rpf, content.xml and setup2.xml once more.

    Report back?!

  • @ReNNie Thanks a bunch, I will follow along and report back after work!

  • Alright IU was able to work on this,

    1. You want me to remover extratittleupdate and dlctext from the content.xml?
    2. The folder labeled MK3GTI is what I actually placed in the mods folder, I do not think I added that part
    3. Super confused lol, not sure if those are lines out of a file or if they are the file paths
    4. Should I change it to MK3GT inside of the dlclist? Also yoiu are saying I should just use one name say MK3GTI for everything?
    5. I changed line 45 to <Item>dlc_MK3GT:/%PLATFORM%/levels/gta5/vehicles/MK3GTvehicles.rpf</Item> Not sure if there should be a space there or not?

    Also for good measure i am downloading a few mods from the creators listed above and also here is the link to the addon guide I used https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/add-on-base

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