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Addon problem after newest patch!

  • Im definitely not new to the modding scene so this isnt a newb question. Recently my game was lagging real bad and some LSPDFR mods where acting up so I guess I decided to start over and install the newest patch from R* today. Ive been playing on an old version of the game (2 patches ago) and had tons of modded cars installed everywhere and couldnt keep track of them anymore so I deleted all files in my mods folder and copied fresh unmodified files back to it. I have installed almost every addon car and replacement car on this site so I know the process by heart but after this latest patch I must be missing a new step or something because every addon I install makes my game crash. Im using the latest legal game patch from R* on social club and I had tons of addons working before I updated. Im not sure if its a gameconfig problem but I cant seem to find a working one for the newest patch. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • @masterschwag you need a Gameconfig File . according to your game version. Please tell me what is your game version? when you run the game, it is displayed at the lower right corner when credits end user license lines come up on black screen with white text. please note that and state it here, so people or i can help you out.

  • The version is 791.1 but I managed to find a working gameconfig. Now I need to find out why the rims pack is crashing... But I did solve my original problem..

  • @masterschwag its no Bother. we are here to help out.

  • @masterschwag Isn't the latest version 1.0.791.2?

  • @Akila_Reigns i just updated yesterday thru social club and im getting version 791.1

  • @masterschwag I used to be on 791.2 but now I am on 791.1... it's almost like they rolled back a version... very strange.

  • @LeeC2202 i am at 791.1 too.

  • This post is deleted!

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