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[WIP] Add-On Car Spawner Preview Screens For Most Add-Ons + Forza Pack


    yo, guys, i have been working on this for about a month now and Hurricane Irma stopped me and put my power out for a couple days and I took a break from PC gaming after that and returned to my Xbox One for Forza Horizon 3 and a lot more time hanging out with my girl,

    I take my time to download and install the mod and load the game and take screenshots individually of the vehicles (5 minutes per car) I have an entire list of vehicles coming out soon that show all the cars I used for this.

    Most of them are taken in the same place (Bunker, Plane Hangar, CEO Office Garage Autoshop, Benny's. I am trying to get 1000 vehicles on it before I upload it (does not contain the files needed to run the script, only the "IMG" file)

    FORZA PACK (WIP) (Add-On) (OIV)

    Also making a Forza pack this includes addons that were converted from Forza I use other peoples mods (with permission or by request from mod creator and credits included) it is going to be just a gigantic pack of vehicles (100+ addons? maybe)

    This will also be a .OIV file I might need help with converting it to OIV because every time I try to convert it, it always NEVER works also I have no idea to make it add lines into dlclist.xml credits also for that

  • @baneofpoo2 hope to see that huge pack


    @baneofpoo2 oofff would be swell, how do you do the naming convention for the files? Like a tracklist so you know which spawn name is which car by which author?

    I've got around 1250 added vehicles but no preview screens. Just too time consuming...

    So I might benefit from your work?

  • @ReNNie yep there is a list but i have only 128 vehicles right now

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