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Missing textures / models slow to appear

  • So I'm using redux with a bunch of car addons.
    I hate redux but that's is the only thing that is actually working without my game crashing every 5 mins...
    So when I drive around the map, the buildings will start to will flicker / slow to appear when I move the camera fast. And destructable objects like lamp posts and fences will pop in only when I get close.
    I know redux is using stolen mods but I have redid this game hundreds of times using my own mods I picked off of here and my game either crashed after 5 10 mins, or the roads will completely disappear and buildings too. And since I got next to no help on my last thread. It left me to choice.


    @Flukester69 get rid of redux nobody is going to help you with redux try https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/naturalvision-photorealistic-gtav

  • @Flukester69 yeah redux is garbage just filled with spam folders, natural vision is where it’s at, or make visuals great again, I prefer to mix them ;)

  • @messi3194 Yes. You are right. I am also mixing NVR with MVGA and it is the best yet!

  • Well you said you have i5 5700, 16GB RAM and 970. That is good enough for GTA V.
    Texture/model pop-in usually happens when you are low on memory, it gets dumped into virtual memory, which is slower.
    If you have installed GTA into a HDD, move it to a SSD if you have one.
    Try reducing extended distance scaling.
    If you play on higher resolution like 4K, try 1080p and see if you get pop-ins.

    And like many people said, remove Redux. It's drains resources, and it'll reduce your FPS. I tried it when it first released, removed it in minutes.


    @V4D3R I didn't notice a noticeable difference if any between V on Crucial MX200 2,5" 500GB SSD versus 7200rpm WD Black 3TB SATA-600 HDD when I tested it. Maybe on launch but certainly not ingame.

    Are there charts by review sites?

  • @ReNNie Idk, my HDD is pretty old, and I got rid of the pop-ins by buying and moving the games to a SSD.
    The game loads faster too.

  • This will help, probably.
    Some of the comments have a few things you should check/try.

  • I didn't notice that big of a drop of fps with redux actually. Before the smuggler update (when my game was actually working) I was getting around 45-50 fps till it drops to the 20s and then crashes to desktop.

    I'm only using redux so I can have a stable game without it crashing every 10mins. I realise redux stole everyone's work but I'm using it so i can play the game. If you saw my last thread, those were the problems I was having when I did my own mods folder. In which the game will crash after 5 or 10mins which pissed me off to no extent. And I had no help in order to fix it. I even included all of the mods I used too.

    But now I'm using redux. As it's working fine except for the texture flickering issue. Also thanks for the help so far.. I just really like playing the game with mods and doing anything I want practically with the amazing graphics natural vision gives it. And simple asthetics comes out soon, which looks really good.

    I also run the game on very high and max settings with high res shadows and long shadows with EDR turned off. I can lower the settings but it doesn't get much better in terms of the texture pop in. Setting the game to high piority helps a bit but there is still some pop in issues. I'll try to record it happening and upload it here.

  • @speedyallan77 people have their own preferences.

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