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How do I link a page when you hit download to install mod on different page?

  • Title is the question ^^
    i have been using this site for a couple months and I still don't know


    @baneofpoo2 Upload an archive with the name "Download Link" (or similar) that contains a text document with the download link. We will then redirect the download to that link if it's a trusted site.

  • @Unknown-Modder thank you

  • @Unknown-Modder what website is the best for it?

  • @baneofpoo2 mediafire.com or mega.nz allow big files to be uploaded and are fast with downloading as well.


    Gotta say I hate that sharemods external link @Asyr0n is using (with all respect to him personally) ... Pops up several of screens even when using Ablock and Ghostery which have to be killed instead of closed.

    I get it at least generates some cash, but is it really worth it? :unamused:

  • @ReNNie It's actually something i'm tryin out, seems like the page does not count every download as intended, maybe a scam? I don't know! But i guess if you have multiple mods uploaded there it still could be worth it! I'm only testing for now, could go back to normal download if i see no progress!

    The only reason i'm doin it is to collect funds to finance special Turbosquid/Squir models for all of you to enjoy later, thing is people are not ready to spend even 1$ for a mod! And that is pretty sad!
    Believe me i have a long list of cars from those sites i'd love to bring to V but looks like i'm not getting there this quick!


    @Asyr0n I hear you man


    Should we really only be redirecting links if there's a legitimate reason to do so, e.g. the mod is too big to be hosted here? I don't really think we should be allowing redirected links to external services just for the sake of it. There's serious security issues with redirecting to content hosted on third-party servers, along with the fact it's actually just annoying for users of the site who come to download their mods from 5Mods. Instead, what we're talking about here is 5Mods being used as some sort of indexing service for mods hosted elsewhere, which isn't really what 5Mods is for.



    @Dark0ne I totally agree. There aren't any rules for this currently so when someone wanted to use an external site for their file, then I checked if it's trusted site and redirected the download.
    I suggest that you make an announcement in the staff lounge subforum and on Discord. Also, you could add this to the upload rules as well.


    I'd like to hear what other mod authors think about this issue before I decide one way or the other.


    @Gta5KoRn @Vans123 @RsMods @ahmeda1999 @Faysal @Zievs @Asyr0n @Neophyte-Industries @hndsyrn @TheF3nt0n @SkylineGTRFreak... Etc etc..

    And you see why user classes like on discord would actually come in handy in the forums

  • Let's invite some more peeps to this debate, it's quite interesting and i also would like to have more feedback and opinions on that...
    @Dennissaurus @tonebee_DTD @kizacudo @ChOcOsKiZo @EvertW @dsawdsaw @erfet @mrfive ....

  • I totally agree with what @tonebee_DTD said.
    The best thing would be to let one of those who know what is involved in making a mod to moderate this site not kids or people who don't know what is it involved for making such mods.
    like for example why the fuck does and addon made for a mod that was only replace got featured the original autor who converted that mod will have no reward.
    Things need to be changed asap....

  • i would like if sharemods were fully allowed. It would be a small support for all of us modders. It works perfectly with Adblock. Now is End of 2017, i think everyone uses adblock :)

  • I think what @tonebee_DTD is trying to say is, if the Authors of the mods are not respected for theyr work and do not get the support they deserve, the fact that they are not listened to, well...it could be the end of such sites as 5mods, gtainside,...
    it could push alot of em to mod only for payd content (VIP Content , Patreon exclusive Releases,etc...) what most of Talented modders already do (Me included)! And Take 2 is for sure against that. And THAT could lead to what TAKE 2 already tried to accomplish: "Closing the modding scene"

    All modders need and want is to get the well deserved Help & Support of everyone!
    Someone as moderator/admin who knows what modding is all about and what it takes to spend hours working on something we love and enjoy sharing. This is our community, not a fuckin dumpster for trashmods and a band of ungrateful children!!!

    Cause for now we are used, ignored and mistreated by the entire user community! Enough is enough!!!

    I'm part of this community as modder only for 2 years now, but i learned to love and live for it! And so did @rappo !
    When he left us, this site went downhill faster than i imagined, I curse that day!
    As you said @Dark0ne, the day you took over: "Wrapping the head around the inner workings of the site"...well it is sadly not enough to honor his work and name.

    I really hope you pull your heads out of your asses and start bringin the glory of gta5-mods back to what it used to be!
    I hope i could pass you the message every modder was talking about lately on the modders forum! Don't take it too personnaly cause the only thing that matters is the survival of our modders scene.

    Much love & goodnight to everyone!

  • Eh, to be honest I think whenever possible the files should be hosted directly at 5-mods.com. Otherwise I see no reason in uploading them here at all.


    1. Files being too large for the 5-mods file limit. Those could be uploaded via a simple mediafire link (or similar website, which preferably does NOT delete files after a certain period of time when nobody downloaded the mod, require you to sign up and/or make you wait for a minute while you sit through annoying ads)
    2. Big mods such as RDE or GTS, which might have their own website, preferably managed by people who are also part of this community

    Don't get me wrong, I like to be "rewarded" for my time just like the next guy, but if I made this with the intention of definitely getting rewards, then I would've joined a company and did this for a living, not as a hobby.

    My 2 cents.


    @Asyr0n said in How do I link a page when you hit download to install mod on different page?:

    Cause for now we are used, ignored and mistreated by the entire user community! Enough is enough!!!

    Can you explain how you're being ignored and mistreated by the entire user community? I'm interested to know what you think the user community, and 5Mods, can do more to support you and other modders. I've asked for feedback on this issue from mod authors, and many other issues thus far as well, so it's a very clear sign I am indeed listening.

    So far I've seen a few people say similar things to what you are saying Asyr0n (and tonebee) in terms of the wider issues at hand, but no one's actually been able to explain exactly what it is they want concisely, which is stymying to say the least.


    Hi tonebee,

    The problem has actually been in finding mature, adult, respectable users who are talented mod authors who actually want to be moderators. The inherent issue has been that the people we've identified to fit this category thus far have all said they'd rather focus their limited time on being able to make mods rather than moderate the site, which is totally understandable. Moderating this site is extremely time-consuming, and while there's a list of users who ask and want to be moderators, actually finding good candidates for moderators is a very, very difficult job. Finding a good candidate involves going through all the user's past posting history to see how they act on the site. Are they mature? Do they respect other users? Are they helpful? Do they speak English to a good standard? Do they actually make mods? And so on.

    So trust me, I'd LOVE to have prolific and talented mod authors who fit all the above criteria AND want to do the job, but it's difficult to find them, because they want to be mod authors, not moderators OR they tend to be very good mod authors, but not so great with their communication skills, which would make them bad moderators. If you have suggestions for this then please feel free to PM me your list and we'll do some vetting on them and see if they fit the description.

    In terms of YouTubers, unfortunately, there's nothing we can really do about them. I can tell you that some of the mod authors on Nexus Mods also feel the same way as you about them. It sparked a debate in the private mod author forums that hit over 180 pages in length and it was very heated with all sides of the argument coming out for and against the YouTubers. It's an area we can't really control. But if you feel that strongly about it you can send in a DMCA takedown request to YouTube and they will action it. Some of the mod authors on Nexus Mods did that to a YouTuber, for better or for worse.

  • @Dark0ne @tonebee_DTD it's also worth mentioning that us moderators also have lives outside GTA and cannot always do both. Frankly, I'm surprised that @FoxtrotDelta has (or had) the time to be both a moderator and a mod maker. Me, I don't make mods (mainly finance them, just ask @FoxtrotDelta or @SkylineGTRFreak), but I took classes during summer quarter and had no time to moderate the forums or approve any mods, and when I did, it was mainly through my phone.

  • Hmm interesting debate going on here @nathanjamesddg151 thanks for tagging me or i would have missed this.

    Well first of all my apologies to @Dark0ne and the staff as a whole @Global-Moderators , i haven't been able to approve mods or moderate as actively as i started in the beginning , when i saw a critical time in the website's history and i stepped up to support the website and the community as a whole.

    Now everybody please listen, sugesstions and feedback are always welcome im sure of that, whoever the admin or owner of the website is. Feedback is what makes a website achieve its potential and no one is denying that.

    I have noticed each positive and useful feedback given to the administration has been taken up in a very positive way by the administration . only issues so far not resolved are because of technical difficilties, namely user name changes and profile picture changes , last time i checked they were non functional and that is something that gets requested alot by users.
    Apart from this every other suggestion has been taken and acted upon by @Dark0ne and his team.

    As for what my fellow mod authors or content developers said regarding shared mods or donations etc , well these mod authors & content creators are real big names and i am nothing in comparison to their work and reputation . but i do have an option however small or insignificant it may be.

    I am an active content developer and i have been very active admin and a moderator on this website also in recent history.

    The thing i have to say is, the website is owned by a person , the owner decides what happens to the website , we can't boss him around, but the owner does depend upon good relationship with the content developers as the content developers are the stars of the show here.

    Now we have a working relationship here . the owner wants to keep the website clean of any troubles regarding take downs and tos violations and mod money involved and paid content etc. We see these issues as moderators everyday.

    Now we have a clear policy of no paid content to be hosted on this website and this rule has been here from the day one , we have not seen any rules changed since the ownership transfer of the website this is a posotive thing, the website is what it was, its sole is still there thanks to greatness of the new admin he understood the delicacy, not many people would have understood it. This is a ever growing website and together we can make it even greator.

    Now paid content has platforms of its own, take me for example i create mods both free and paid, free ones for publicity and to show of skill and advertisement and paid request mods for supporting my hobby.

    Now if. Mod developers really want to make thousands of dollars per month they should rightly join a company or a different bigger website , im all for it! heck i would even participate in building such a website or platform dedicated only to paid content, that would be awesome for us content developers. But forcing that idea or vision on this website is wrong , we can't force it with our power as mod developers.

    So to make it short , please leave positive ideas and feed back while putting yourself in boots pf admins as well.

    As for moderation issues i do accept im not as active as before as a moderator and having mod developers as moderators is a great idea but sadly no mod developer has the time to develop mods and maintaine is gigantic work of moderation at the same time.

    Unless we have many moderators. But if we have many moderators, there will be much worse issues that you guys still dont know but i have an idea of, which is bad for the community.

    The best we can do is when a moderator is seen as doing something that u think, is wrong report to the admin or fellow staff members.

    And as the admin says if u know worthy people for moderation post those who are willing please do discuss them with dark0ne. He is an excellent judge of character in my opnion. He wont pick wrong .

    @Dark0ne take ur time dont make hasty decision we are here to guide u as a community when needed.

    I do love the idea of creating donations and support for us moderators guys, i really do and i do want it, but until the owner makes some decision in this matter we can only give feedback and follow the rules of the website. For me i can support my work via patreon and paypal and my own website or blog just like most big names here do.

    This website however has been clean of paid content and has always been free of strings. And it has been number 1 rule on the website and policy.

    In the end i apologize to the community again i haven't been a moderator for past few weeks and its really hard to create mods (be an author) and being a moderator too at the same time . if needed im ready to step down as a moderator cuz iv got not much time for both, i can do just 1 of either and be very good at it.

    Mod creation was a hobby for me, now its a passion! And i can support my passion through other platforms while still being a contributor to this website in the form of free mods.

  • @tonebee_DTD I can very well get behind what you're saying about YouTubers... I dislike it a lot when some people simply put a mod in their game, upload an ALL CAPS TITLE! and get several 100k or even a million views without giving something in Return. Some of them do, but the majority (the really big ones) don't care at all. Often Not even linking the mod or mentioning the author.
    I tried contacting those more than once, do you really think one of them responded? Ha! It's sad.
    But like @Dark0ne said, the only real possibility you have is file a takedown complaint, BUT be aware that you're on shaky grounds as well, since in 95% of the cases you do not even have the Rights to that model.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak well said

  • @Dark0ne said in How do I link a page when you hit download to install mod on different page?:

    I'd like to hear what other mod authors think about this issue before I decide one way or the other.

    I am against redirecting because of the arguments you have already delivered. Furthermore, security services like Symantec could even lock 5Mods on the browsers of people using Norton because of a potential security risk. Idk about other security services but I guess they provide similar features or they wouldn't be a serious competitor to Symantec.


    @tonebee_DTD said in How do I link a page when you hit download to install mod on different page?:

    so if ALL this is being relayed back to a owner... surely without HIM here this whole post is pointless?

    I am the owner. Everything gets relayed to me.

    thus, i will stick to GTAinside, and paid projects

    I'm confused, what's different at GTAInside? Are they paying you to upload your mods there or do they have some sort of monetisation system that is different to 5Mods? Do they allow you to change the link on the download button to point to ShareMods and/or other services? Can you clarify what that system is please as I'm genuinely interested. I've used GTAInside plenty of times before and don't remember being redirected to another site to download.

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