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[SCRIPT] Add a 4th Custom protagonist to the game

  • There is one thing I always wanted in GTA V. The ability to add a 4th character to the game. It would be more fluid than just changing your model with the trainer. The character would even have stats and an inventory.

    It would work like this.
    -The 4th character is a GTA Online character you can customize. It can be a MP Male, MP Female, or a custom ped (like the Niko Bellic ped for example). It would be like the Rockstar character customization. This has already been created, but unfortunately this is for Rage Plugin Hook.
    -You can switch to the 4th character more seamlessly. It would work sorta like doing a character switch in SP.
    -They would have their own money, stats, and weapons. So for this one to work with GTA V scripts, the script would actually do a character swap. It would treat you like you are Michael. It would load the characters money, stats, and inventory in place of his. Then when switching back, it would restore Michael's stats, and the characters stats are saved in the ini (along with their cords).
    -You would earn money by playing custom missions made in DYOM. This one would work normally. The script just needs to keep track of your stat changes as you play.
    -It would have a working clothing inventory. (I put this one together in Menyoo for the most part, but it still has some minor limitations.) Like what I have in Menyoo, it would have files which have various components and decals. It could range from a t-shirt item all the way up to an entire outfit.
    -When you are parachuting, the script would temporarily undo the hash swap so your character puts on the right parachute components.
    -If possible, the script would hash swap Michael's web browser with the Online version.
    -Scripts for SP missions would be disabled when playing as the custom character. You would still need to switch to one of the SP protagonists to play them.
    -If possible, a fix for the idle animations, and the first person overlays while using the hash swap.
    -Set the hud color for the character. This would be the weapon/radio wheel highlight, pause menu tab/sliders highlight, etc... Just like how it changes when you switch between SP protagonists.
    -A menu which lets you change which custom character you have active.

  • Oh man you're having me cry right now, this would be so damn amazing.

    However, reading this bit vvvv

    @nkjellman said in [SCRIPT] Add a 4th Custom protagonist to the game:

    -Scripts for SP missions would be disabled when playing as the custom character. You would still need to switch to one of the SP protagonists to play them.

    This makes sense to have happen, but to stop this from happening, you could create voice lines that you wish to have your custom character use (E.G: Carl Johnson from SA: He has screaming sounds, pain sounds, voice lines (either when stealing a car or attacking someone, or in story missions.))

    However I feel story missions would take longer to do voices for. Seeing as how a few thousand lines or more would have to be read, and that could take days, weeks, months, years, generations... so maybe leaving it at pain, screaming and regular voice lines (again when idling on foot or interacting with peds, such as attacking or stealing a vehicle from them)

  • @krashadam Well, I think they should be stopped as it looks silly to replace a character with a different one.

    The purpose of this is to make it feel like they are an additional character, and not just taking the place of one of the protagonists.

    However, a simple config file option would be the best choice. We don't want to stop all of the SP scripts. We still want the money system, gun shop, movie theater, mini games, Mt Chilliad cable cars, LS Customs, Vinewood Tours, Cabs, Strip Club, Car Washes, Prostitutes, Convenient Stores, etc... to all be functional.

    As for the clothing store, do not quote me on this one, but it would be cool if it swapped the shop for the SP character for the Online one while playing as the custom character. But if I'm not mistaken, the shops are in separate ysc scripts. The clothing items are configured in .meta files (at least for the DLC). So it is possible that the SP characters shop inventory can be swapped with the Online one. Only issue is the SP shops have different items at different stores, as well as the categories are different.

    Normally when you hash swap, the clothing stores do not work at all when you play as an MP character. The shop script freezes up, that is till you walk out of the shop and try to enter a vehicle or get a certain distance away from the shop. This may be a good sign.

    Now if we had a ysc editor like the Xbox 360 and PS3, we could add this in with the SP scripts straight from the Online code. No screwing around with hash swapping. But I'd rather not have this till Rockstar is done updating GTA Online as the code will change every update.

  • When will there be the ability to add a 4th playable character to make any Ped model replace the Online slot, and be a 4th playable character in Single player, and switch between Franklin, Michael, Trevor, and the 4th character for example the Niko Bellic Ped model mod, or a GTA 5 NPC male or female, or a story mode or Online ped model, for example, Lamar, Lester, Ron, Wade, Jimmy, Tracey, or Amanda, or the HD CJ Ped model mod, HD Claude Ped model mod, or even the HD Tommy Vercetti Ped model mod, etc any 1 you like, but it has to be 1 protagonist to add! And then after making a Four Man Army mod that allows you to switch all the times between the Quartet, just like the Three Man Army mod where you switch between the V Trio all the time. And the Four Man Army mod would have to be like this allow to switch between the V Trio and 1 new Character you added to the Online slot, it could be any character you added, making it a Single Player 4th Protagonist, for example the 4th protagonist could call Franklin, Michael, and Trevor with he's or she's phone and could asks to hang out and then the character would meet the V Trio for the first time if he or she doesn't know them! And I advise if you want to add a 4th character it in the 4th character slot, it should be your favorite 1!

  • Unfortunately that's not going to happen. GTA V was built with the idea of expanding vehicle content/clothing ect with updates on release. The character limit is more than likely hard coded to the point of where any DLC in future for GTA would have had to take place on a new map with new characters

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