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[SCRIPT] Add/Find Random Cars on Map and Place a Dot

  • Looking for any modders/script programmers to fill this request.

    What im looking for is a script to place a dot on the map anywhere to random cars/trucks/vans/motorcycles, mostly all the wheeled vehicles. the cars have to be real cars in the game. they can be parked or driving, both would be preferable. maybe have a black list to exclude any vehicle, probably hashtag or internal name format or whatever.

    why might someone need this. i think it would be a mini game of sorts where one could use this with Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealer (Sell Cars) to repo/sell cars. since this mod has no actual mission to it. also this mod could be used in a similar fashion for peds for lets say, hit/kill missions mini games. yes i know i said cars but im expanding on the idea that said code could be modified for peds as well. there are limitless possibilities for this

    now let me specific, i do not want some kind of repo missions all planned out script, we already have these types of scripts. im just looking for some simple code to generate a random car, place that cars dot on the map so i can drive to it. maybe limit the range from the characters current location and have it adjustable in an ini or cfg. also a toggle off/on or even better an adjustable timer to set how often a car shows up on the map.

    well thats my idea. what do you think?

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