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  • Any good Gameconfig for 1.41 yet? I miss playing the game, some gameconfigs works fine when it comes to running the game, but the missions don't work or the characters in the mission go missing. Any help would be appreciated.

  • yeah dunno either

  • @ReNNie Doesn't work brother. Have tried, but cannot complete the mission because a character with whom interaction is supposed to be made goes missing, cannot be seen.

  • Aiiii @Willief23... As simple as increasing certain (which) values?

  • @Reazul go to dils gameconfig and lines 954-1090 the stack size values need to be the same as your original unmodded gameconfig. So you will need to compare your original gameconfig and change the values on those lines. Most likely dils stacksize values are different then your stock gameconfig values for lines 954-1090.

  • @Willief23 The stack size value are same as the original. Still doesn't work, mission stuck on loading screen with black screen and circling logo.

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