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Possibility using multiple license plates?

  • Is it possible to have multiple, different license plates installed for cars driven by pedestrians?

  • @Gekko_s What do You mean by that? Is it possible, that other cars around the city have different plates? Well, You should already notice that? Do You mean, is it possible to use multiple license plates on a single car? Answer is no, unless You are going to add simple 3d-models of other plates to Your car and they will stay non-working.

  • @HRH By default all cars in the town have the same license plate but I wondered if it is possible to use like 4 different plates instead of just 1. I hope you can understand it.

  • @Gekko_s Hmm, I still think, that they all havent got the same. For example, coppers should have their own plate (SA EXEMPT?), but now I understand You. This problem and solution lies in "carvariations.meta". This file controls the license plate probabilities of all cars in-game. Find Your interested car entry and just change the lines.

  • @HRH Is there a possibility to adjust it randomly so every car type can have different license plates?

    Mercedes E63 AMG - French license plate
    Mercedes E63 AMG - Belgium license plate
    Mercedes E63 AMG - Spanish license plate
    Mercedes E63 AMG - German license plate

  • @Gekko_s Game supports 6 types of license plates, which all exist in-game. If you want, You must replace them manually into Your beloved ones (EU-plates). Just remember, which plate are You replacing with what and after that, write proper probabilities.

    You can have a situation in-game, that you met Your E63AMG with different plates around the city, if You configure them right.

    EDIT: I forgot, some modders managed to get plates working as add-ons also, but it is definately harder for You right now.

  • @HRH And to do this I only need to edit ''carvariations.meta''?

  • @Gekko_s You need "carvariations.meta" to configure license plate probabilities (which plates in which probabilities are meant to spawn).

    For texture work, license plate textures are in "vehshare.ytd", located in x64e.

  • @HRH Thank you very much! I'll try it and see if it works. :)

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