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need help regarding addons

  • hi all
    i have problem with my game crashing after i installed cca 50-60 addon vehicles (err_fil_pack1 i think the error is),i did tried all those game configs for 200,400,600 or limitless addons you can find on homepage but none worked for me,game still crashes during the loading screen
    my question is do anyone else has this problem like i do?what can i do to be able to have bunch of addons like most of modders?



    Use the search function » to look up this error. ERR_FIL_PACK_1 is a well known issue: (56 result(s) matching "ERR_FIL_PACK_1", (0.02 seconds).
    So you can find via the search how to solve it. If you're still having problems, report back :)

  • @ReNNie thanks,i'm dumb to not think of search function,i'm gonna check it out

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